Product Return & Product Change is made in line with the following terms within the framework of Consumer Protection Law.


• You can return and/or change the products you purchased from within 7 days following the date of delivery of the product.


• Returns / changes have to be made definitely in the original box and package. 




• Return / change of the products the package of which has been opened, which have been used, damaged, whose original box/package has been damaged and which lost the chance of being sold again is not accepted.


• Product is not accepted and its price is not returned when the product and its package is opened, damaged, broken, torn, used etc. and the product is not returned in the state it was when delivered to the customer.


• You have to send the original invoice (all the copies you have) and a petition stating the reason of the return with the product you would like to return / change. 


• If the product you would like to return / change is damaged, cargo price is met by our company. In other cases, cargo price will be covered by your party.


• Please accept the product after examining it in front of cargo officer when it is delivered to you by the cargo company. In cases where the product is damaged, make the officer prepare an official report and return the product. 


• When the return / change is approved, we will contact you through your registered information (email address or telephone number) and request your bank account information to which the price will be returned. Holder of the bank account, to which the price will be returned, have to be the same as the name on your invoice. If the payment was made with credit card, price will be returned to the account of your credit card.


NOTE: If invoice of the product you would like to return / change was prepared on behalf of a company, product should be sent with the return invoice prepared by the relevant company for the return / change to take place. 


• For all kinds of information regarding return / change operations, you can contact us through our telephone number +90 212 527 92 85 or  address.