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We define a mosaic as a picture made up of different colored particles lying on a surface. Mosaics have, traditionally, been made using materials such as natural stone, metal, glass, ceramic and porcelain.

What, then, is the mosaic we create with our lives?

Can we see the mosaic being created by our thoughts, our actions, our designs and the way we live our lives?

What does the mosaic include? How does it come together?

Our lives, our families and friends, the things we share and the things we produce….the way our lives intersect in the region of the world we live in…our interactions with our culture, our local history and the history of the world…what kind of mosaic is created by the way we live our lives? What stories does our mosaic tell?

When people start asking questions, they can go on forever, can’t they?

In our design studio in Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula, we continue to design with these questions and this spirit in our mind.

Our Mosaic Collection has been inspired by the Byzantine mosaics found in the Great Palace in what is modern day Sultanahmet. In these timeless works of art we see eyes that still, today, seem to look at us.

Eyes see many things. They can speak loudly or in silence. Can we see the stories told by the eyes around us? How much of them can we make out?

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