Before the new year,

Have cleaned up…

Have become simpler….

Have been changing….


Everything in our world is changing at ever increasing speed, our politics, our lives, how we eat and drink, our existence in virtual social media, our habits…We live in transformative times.


I wonder how we internalize and deal with this rapid change. How do we accommodate it in our lives?


What a big question, isn’t it?


Do we ask ourselves these questions? Do we even have the time to stop and ask in the middle of this fast-paced life?


As a designer, these are the subjects that cause me to ask questions and give me pause in the production process of my designs….

—-The connection between humans and Nature in the production process.

—The issue of unmodified, heirloom seeds.

—-Climate change


I can hear you saying, “how are you, as a designer, related to climate change and the seed issue?”. Well, the issue of genetically modified seeds is a big problem for all of us. Every day we eat without thinking  We eat for pleasure. We eat as if these life-carrying seeds have never been modified. So, slowly, our own genetic makeup is being modified as well. What do we do about that? As a start, I wanted to present this question to you in the hope you will seek answers, and then take a step, even if it’s a small one.


How we design and what we produce affects our climate. With the introduction of genetically modified seeds, we have even begun designing Nature. Everything in our world is interconnected. Everything is part of the Whole.


I can imagine what you are thinking. “She thinks she can save the world with design”.


No, I can’t do it alone with my designs. My point is to share my concerns while I design and produce. How can we unite our energies in this sharing? What questions can we raise?


My point is to define these questions….


To think twice before designing, producing, eating and buying…


To grow by sharing…



While keeping these concerns in mind, we have been working hard, creating and producing new designs and completing a number of projects.


Our collections continue to reach more countries and more people. Some we keep especially for ourselves.


I would like to draw a new line as 2016 comes to a close.


We move forward with two collections.





From now on, you will hear from us more frequently. We will continue to talk about:


Design and traditional methods of manufacturing in the Historical Peninsula….

Handmade porcelain…

Production with respect to humans and Nature…


We will share new information about climate change and heirloom seeds as we receive it.


We will remain committed to seriously thinking about design and how it affects the relationship between humans and Nature.


We will work to make our design products timeless.


We want to share our city, our culture, our designs and our stories so they can develop with you.

Moreover, we would like them transformed by your usage.


The most important thing is that we are producing less, but thinking, working, sharing knowledge and collaborating together.



Özlem Tuna

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