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According to me, Marathon: excitement, desire, wish, goal, practice, try, road, journey...

On the way of the things have been designed to do; researching, learning, working, struggling, losing, getting tired, stopping sometimes but never giving up... Yes; never giving up hope and always smiling, being able to smile no matter whatever we face on the way.

And to keep going.

But the most important thing is to run knowing my family and friends by my side on the way.

Who else can you share the joy of the way unless you don’t have the energy of your beloved ones.

This year, before starting to run in İstanbul Marathon (42 km, 195 m) I knew for sure that I would break my last year record which was 5 hours and 5 minutes in Amsterdam Marathon.

Because my beloved ones were with me; at 6K Shelie Cormen, at 17K Elif Aydoğdu Oral and Tan Oral, at 22K and 32K Başak Çizgen were ready for me and they gave me some bananas to have more energy.

I ran with no stop during 32K with the hope to see them.

Then, I slowed down between 32K and 40K. Even I walk briskly time to time, but I never stopped. I was tired, and wanted to stop. But, I forced myself to run by knowing Shelie was waiting for me at 40K.

Yes, Shelie run by my side with desirously effort. It was amazing. It wasn’t possible to stop at 42K among the cheering “Run run… Run Özlem” from Başak Çizgen, Nurten Canbeyoğlu and Melda Ilgaz Tultak at Sultanahmet ramp. I couldn’t stop. And I kept running.

I finished 38th Eurasia Marathon in 4 hours and 36 minutes.

My mom, my daughter Kapris and Yasemin was waiting for me at the finish.

Marathon: The difficulty and the length of life journey and time perception disappear by touching of the beloved ones.

You are amazing; you believed in me and shared my excitement.

And many thanks to all my friends who supported the project of TEMA #ağaçkardeşliği #fellowshipofthetree

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