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We develop and produce creative solutions on gifts, ideas, accessories or product design that are fitting to the corporate identity, unique to the company/brand and represent the company's/brand's values. The process begins with determination of the conceptual theme for the corporation. Then we clarificate the conceptual theme - the story that the company wants to tell - that will meet the need. After defining the concept, we prepare the unique product choices in accordance with the theme. We decide the materials and production methods within the desired budget. The company selects one of the design alternatives presented. Right after the selection of design, production starts and we monitor all the process. Then we procure the complementary products such as food, etc. that are related to the product's function. We prepare the product identity, its printing and placing it inside the packaging designed especially for the company while the production is in process. The products are packed and delivered to their owners via post or in person.

In this year, we suggest you a small and meaningful corporate gift to give your friends and partners. We present a plant, a life inside a small pot to you. We oversee the all production process ourselves in our atelier. The kind of plant is depends on you. Maybe, you would like to support sustainable life by giving a small pot to your bussiness partners, employees or closed friends.


You could contact us for corporate gifts.

Corporate sales contact:

0212 527 92 85


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