We learned a lot of things from Nurhan Keeler during the pleasant #onecupofcoffee talk. Nurhan Keeler creates concepts as using searches, trends and designs. She wanted to be a mathematician and do sport with board. To be able to control the body of people who do board sports, attracted her attention. Our #onecupofcoffee talks with Nurhan Keeler who is a radio programmer, social entrepreneur and looks optimistically to life....

Why didn’t you try to do board sports? Or is there anything else which you try instead of it?

I tried it. But, I tried after a certain age. I was going to a place to do board sport and there were children who are 14 – 15 years old.  So, I prefer to try it when they don’t there.

And the other one is jumping rope. I mean I try crisscross jumping. My first trying was terrifying. It lasted just 2 minutes. Next day, it lasted 10 minutes and the other day 15 minutes. But I was injuring my knee. When I realized that I shortened the time. I am interested in something which I could learn as redoing. It is like turn back to clock. In my youth, I tried to learn about the music and I was practicing frequently. It was good for me. Because; then we won’t have time to practice. Now, I am mentally 24 years old. I am eating petibor biscuits again and returning the music and jumping rope. They are really good for me.

You are also a radio programmer.  Does it nourish being interested to music?

I should be more mature for radio. Because I have to direct both the topic and guests in the program. Even if I need to sleep, I must read the book until very late. I must make preparation for the program. I work on my talk to speak fluently. Because, I shouldn’t be bored. I should keep the interest alive. I should regardfully determine the topic of the day. All of them is for mature individuals. In the radio I have to think a lot of things in the same time. But in the teenage, you have something on your brain and you always redo it.

Once, I decided to buy a Guitar Hero. There is a song and you trying to perform by using buttons. It is more difficult than the normal guitar. I could say that I always want to do teenage activities.

Besides these teenage passions, how is your relationship with coffee?

Before time, Coffee was not drinking so much. When I was a child, coffee and milk were mixed for children. We have grinded coffee beans into the hand held coffee mill. We have munched coffee beans. In the other hand, my mom has some shamanic specialties. Most of people don’t say like that. She rarely tell coffee fortune and she knows. That’s why she don’t want to tell coffee fortune. That’s sound interesting for me. To see something in the coffee grounds… Coffee has also a mystic side for me. My mom was not a religionist woman; but she read something. Then, bad things have got better. She buy little semen pegani and roast it. Then, she spread its smell into the house. So, I believe that the old people have a stronger relationship with the nature and production. My mom used to weave reeds and make them shoes and boxes. Her sense is very strong. She knows plants well.

Everything used to start as saying “ aman nazar değmesin” (it means like bless his/her cotton socks!)

Now, we use different words. People are talking about vibration and energy. Before time, people used to say ill-minded. Nowadays, people say that I don’t feel the energy even in the wedding TV shows. I believe vampires. Because somebody really looks with an evil eye and consume our energy. Some people has less life energy than you; so, you give your energy. Mothers knew that.

So, we say that we are not on the same wavelength…

Yes, it is important. You are talking someone. You are on the 93.2 frequency but the other one is on 93.5 frequency. So you don’t hear and perceive each other. Think of it this way. It is really important.

Well, do you like coffee?

Normally I like tea much than coffee. I don’t understand differences of coffee beans. It is same with vine. But I wonder it and try wherever I go. For example, there is Süvari Coffee in Antakya. It serves into the tea glass. It is blacker. Or, when I go to Gaziantep, I buy some coffee from Cumba. In Diyarbakır, there is Sülüklü Han. They prepare the coffee on the barbecue. I can’t take my eyes off it. I don’t need to drink. Its smell and view are more valuable. By the way, coffee grounds is hygienic. So we have a chance to grow some beneficial bacteria into the coffee grounds.

Although the coffee machine make same coffee taste, could we know the other types of coffee in the forthcoming days?

They are so valuable whoever you show. It is like artisanship. It is made slowly. There is some time, patient and effort. To drink them is a different pleasure. Especially with a delicious Turkish delight.

There are new generation coffee shops. Do you have any observation about that users?

I think they don’t drink realizing. Because I drink and I don’t taste differently. But people could say “Wow it is cool”. It is all the rage. I try to pay attention the production that has a story. For example, there is a Zapatista Coffee Shop which is produced by Maya indigenes. All of the income is going to Zapatistas for their health care need and educational requirements. The coffee is produced in the high ground and it is brought to seaport by donkeys and horses. It is really delicious and very clean coffee.

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