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 Craftsman Vilyan has started his job as circling together with his father when he was 5 years old.

“Because, I worked in different branches in my apprentice and qualified workman times; I kept my hand in each branches.”

After he worked with lots of craftsmen, he established his own atelier as hammered metal craftsman. He trained more than 150 craftsmen. When the time comes, each of them quitted the Craftsman Vilyan’s Atelier and they established their own ateliers. He told us the process of apprentice-qualified workman-craftsman that:

“Apprentices who generally come as a kid, run errands. They bring tea, carry some goods, and sweep the place… Course, it is gave some tasks and thought to them. When they grow into the job, they are headed up the workbench and they are qualified workmen. When they start to think, draw and produce something by themselves, they say that ‘I am a craftsman now’.”

The excitement of production is different. The result makes you happy whatever you produce. Craftsman Vilyan has been in this loop since he was 5 years; so, he doesn’t give up his job.  Being liked his work by people is one of the things which fill him with pride.

He say that “Everything starts with a pencil. You will draw. Then, we will understand and produce it”.

If you happen to pass by Craftsman Vilyan’s Atelier, remember to take your pencil and paper :)

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