The part of İstanbul that is surrounded by the Golden Horn on the north, the Bosporus on the east and the Marmara Sea on the south is named "Tarihi Yarımada" (the Historic Peninsula) today. Besides being the oldest settlement of İstanbul, uncountable historic artifacts located here also emphasize its name. Both under and above the soil is full of riches in this area.

As Özlem Tuna design office, we have been designing and producing in Historical Peninsula since 2003. We have worked four different addresses in Historical Peninsula and undertook a mission that we should protect this area. We care and protect our craftsmen as much as the buildings they work in Historical Peninsula.

Özlem Tuna said about Grand Bazaar which was built in 1460 that “I realize that this unique structure, where hidden market and production traditions closely resemble a city, is losing its characteristics under human influence. The craftsman composes its fabric, production and market. We shouldn’t lose them…” We, as Özlem Tuna and the team, think this area is a teaching place and we know that working in here keeps our motivation high. We appreciate this area and keep on working and producing with joy.