I was born in Burhaniye –  an Aegean seaside town in Turkey.

My childhood and early youth passed among Aegean sea culture.


I’m the single mother of my daughter Kapris who is 19 years old.

We live in Europian side of Istanbul with our dog, Harrison.


Two important things remain in my mind from my childhood;

Garden: MUD and Kitchen: DOUGH

I’ve been forming mud in the garden and playing with dough in the kitchen since the moment I was aware of myself. I remember and it makes me excited that I was trying to realize my DREAMS through mud and dough.

CREATIVE thinking and acting started to be the center of my life in that small seaside town.

Now, I realize that it was a great gift to be the daughter of a man who was in LOVE with Archaeology and Art History.

They were wonderful years when we printed black and white photos together in our home.


It was in my highschool years when my CREATIVE explorations, which I made by mud and dough, led me to the choice of the WORK of my LIFE.

I studied CULINARY ARTS in highschool.

It wasn’t an accepted job for women in Turkey in the beginning of 80’s. My father always supported me in my Fine Arts education.

The idea DESIGNING as a living began in those years.

Then, I started to study FINE ARTS – CERAMIC in ISTANBUL.


DESIGN has became my method of finding solutions for many situatiosn besides forming the materials as I desired.

Now, what I’m interested is not to find solutions by DESIGN,